Our Model

irexchange aims to increase fairness, efficiency and transparency in the retail sector across Australia.

We’re seeking to lower the cost of doing business for retailers and suppliers by facilitating direct and efficient trading relationships. There are no conventional middlemen or wholesalers, nor costly and complex processes. Our model aims to release margin and significantly decrease the costs associated with conventional wholesalers. Our model delivers price transparency and enables full ranging of supplier products at no cost. Our simple and clear pricing model splits out the product handling and distribution fees with no hidden mark-ups.

How Our Model Works

Supplier uploads product detail to GS1 NPC

Supplier uploads product information and attributes onto GS1 NPC (eg. pricing, size, weight etc).

Irexchange publishes product

Supplier product information is published to the irexchange portal and retailer POS systems which makes it available for retailers to order.

Retailer places order

Retailer places their orders through the irexchange portal or via their POS system. Retailers POS systems are integrated with the irexchange platform.

Order aggregation

irexchange’s platform aggregates all retailer orders daily into a single order to suppliers, by state.

Single order to supplier

irexchange’s aggregation engine generates supplier purchase orders and these are automatically sent to individual suppliers.

Supplier Delivery

The supplier organises delivery of the aggregated order to the Distribution Centre/s.

Flow-through distribution

Inbound - Supplier products are delivered to Distribution Centre. Outbound - Store orders are "picked to zero" which minimises the need to hold inventory.

Optimised Delivery to retailers

DHL supports irexchange’s network to optimise delivery costs by selecting freight providers for each location based on the lowest possible cost. Emergent Cold (Swire) provides additional temperature-controlled distribution support to irexchange.

Superior product range for customers

Retailers' products are ranged to suit local community demographics and product preferences.