Our Model

irexchange aims to increase efficiency and transparency in the FMCG retail market across Australia.

We’re seeking to lower the cost of doing business for independent retailers (IRs) and suppliers by facilitating direct and efficient trading relationships between IRs and suppliers. No conventional middlemen or wholesalers and no costly and complex processes.

Our model aims to release margin and significantly decrease the costs associated with conventional wholesalers.

How Our Model Works

Supplier uploads product and price

Supplier uploads product and price onto platform either as a full range or single product. The product or product range are hosted in the POS file and on irexchange’s portal ready for retailers to order.

Retailer places orders

The independant retailer places their order through the irexchange portal.

Order aggregation

irexchange aggregates all retailer orders.

Consolidate supplier purchase order

A consolidated purchase order is sent to the supplier to deliver goods.

Flow-through distribution

Supplier delivery = retailer aggregated order volume. Pick to zero.

Delivery to retailer

Retailers order delivered to store.

Superior product range for customers

End result is products in-store and ranged to suit customers based on local community demographic.