For Suppliers

We empower suppliers to access new markets and accelerate growth. There are no costs associated with conventional wholesalers for suppliers to trade, no range reviews nor relentless price re-negotiations.

Supplier Benefits

Greater Market Reach

irexchange aims to make it easier for suppliers to reach large scale consumer markets. Suppliers of all sizes can grow at their own pace – from local, to state, to national suppliers, or to define their own service area.

Transparent Pricing

We aim to release the true cost of product (including promotional discounts) to the independent retailer, increasing transparency and removing much of the complexity from pricing. Industry competitive terms of trade and promotional discounts are passed on to the independent retailer. Suppliers set the price to the IR. Pricing is flexible and irexchange can customise pricing at the group or store level.

Simple Trading

Simple trading terms reduce the need for price re-negotiations on individual products which contributes to saving time and money. Simple processes minimise invoice chasing, paperwork and administration.

Efficient and Streamlined Ordering & Fulfilment

Ordering and fulfilment is made more efficient through our digital trading platform and next generation fulfilment methodologies. Suppliers can save transport costs by delivering to the nearest distribution centre. irexchange consolidates costly sub-scale direct delivery networks. The ‘last mile’ cost of deliveries is shared across a larger supplier base.

Customer Analytics

irexchange’s open and transparent platform provides free business intelligence from real-time data into customer product preferences. This can help suppliers with marketing and promotional strategy development.

Marketing & Promotional Support

irexchange can provide competitive and targeted marketing and promotional support - for individual suppliers and Independant Retailers - including catalogues and eDMs.

Your Business, Your Way

Choose how and where to range and price your products. Run your business your way, free from conventional wholesaler demands, costs and restrictions.