For Retailers

There are no conventional middlemen or wholesalers and no complex and costly processes.

irexchange can assist you to trade transparently on price, reduce costs and get greater customer insights to help you to build your business. Product prices are set by the supplier, a transparent and fixed service fee is applied to orders and freight is managed by DHL. The ‘last mile’ delivery costs are shared with suppliers.

Retailer Benefits

Streamlined ordering portal

With irexchange’s portal, ordering is simple, fast and secure.

Net Product Pricing

Net product pricing assists in delivering transparency on price. The supplier’s product price and promotional discounts are passed onto you directly. Releasing margin and assisting you to better compete and grow.

POS Integration

Files are compatible with your existing Point of Sale (POS) to enable ease of ordering. The platform is secure, efficient, and easy to use.

Efficient Supply Chain

irexchange flow-through distribution model can improve supply chain efficiencies compared with conventional wholesalers. Goods ordered from suppliers align with real-time demand and can reduce or eliminate the requirement to store unwanted goods.

Reduced Operating Costs

Consolidated orders and deliveries to minimise your operating costs and time. The last mile cost of delivery is shared across the supplier base.

Greater Consumer Insights

irexchange’s free data provides real-time insights into consumer preferences, making it easier for you to align your product range with local demand.

Your Business, Your Way

Choose how and where to range and price your products. Run your business your way, free from conventional wholesaler demands, costs and restrictions.