irexchange is a disruptive technology and next-generation business that aims to deliver fairness, transparency and efficiency to the retail sector.

We are not a wholesaler, retailer or supplier but help retailers and suppliers build more profitable and sustainable businesses. Our unique, best-in-breed technology fundamentally changes the relationship between retailers and suppliers by removing the role and associated costs of conventional wholesalers or “middlemen”.

Our Story

Advancements in technology have powerfully changed the economic landscape and companies that don’t keep pace are being replaced by problem solving ‘Game Changers’.

Technology-led disruption and evolving customer expectations of value, convenience, choice and personalisation have changed global and local retailing dynamics. Long-standing grocery, petrol and convenience (P&C), liquor and pharmacy retailers and suppliers are being aggressively challenged by new rapidly growing, lightweight and innovative technology businesses.

In Australia, significant disruption is occurring as competition intensifies with new local and international retailers entering and expanding the market. These new players bring greater levels of investment, agility and sophistication in relation to marketing and customer engagement.

Retailers are faced with additional cost challenges brought about by changes to long-standing wholesaler and supplier models. They are competing in a larger and more complex marketplace.  The conventional wholesaler model is perceived to be inefficient, lacking transparency and geared towards extracting margin from both suppliers and retailers rather than increasing turnover. Margins and overall business performance are being compressed as the conventional wholesaler model continues to squeeze retailers and suppliers.

Our team recognised an opportunity to reshape what we perceive to be an outdated, unfair and inefficient supplier-wholesaler-retailer model. So we decided to rebuild the model and develop a fair and transparent system that puts suppliers and retailers in the driving seat. No conventional middlemen or wholesalers and no complex and costly processes.

Our team has developed an end-to-end model that capitalises on the disruptive capabilities of new technologies and next-generation distribution systems to provide suppliers and retailers with an opportunity to grow their businesses.

Our model is an intelligent digital marketplace and distribution capability that supports suppliers and retailers to improve revenue and grow their business.

irexchange is a team of FMCG, retail, supply chain, marketing and technology experts. And we’re growing, fast.