For Suppliers

We empower suppliers to access new markets and accelerate growth.

Greater market reach

irexchange makes it easier for suppliers to reach large scale consumer markets. With an open ranging market, suppliers of all sizes have the chance to grow at their own pace – from local, to state, to national suppliers.

Simple trading

irexchange keeps things simple and efficient, there will be no myriad of terms and no ongoing price renegotiations.

Transparent pricing

The true net cost of products (including promotional discounts) is released to the independent retailer, creating transparency and removing complexity from pricing.

Streamlined ordering and fulfilment

Ordering and fulfilment is made more efficient through our digital trading platform and next generation fulfilment methodologies.

Cost effective delivery

irexchange removes costly sub-scale direct delivery networks; no more point-to-point direct store deliveries. The last mile cost of delivery is shared across the supplier base.

Your business, your way

Choose how and where to range and price your products. Run your business your way, free from traditional wholesaler demands, costs and restrictions.

Empowering independent retailers and suppliers to improve revenue and growth.