For Independent Retailers

We empower independent retailers to better compete and grow.

Net product pricing

Net product pricing ensures transparency on price. The supplier’s product price and all promotional discounts are passed through to the independent retailer without any mark ups.

Open Sourcing

Unrestricted sourcing of products enables access to a larger range of supplier products so independent retailers can choose the perfect product mix for their customers.

Reduced operating costs

irexchange consolidates direct orders and deliveries to minimise operating costs and reduce time and money spent on administration.

Efficient supply chain

irexchange’s flow-through distribution model improves supply chain process efficiency. Goods ordered from suppliers align with real-time product demand, eliminating the requirement to store unwanted or residual products.

Greater consumer insights

irexchange’s data provides real-time insights into consumer preferences, making it easier for independent retailers to align their product range with local demand.

Empowering independent retailers and suppliers to improve revenue and growth.